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Today's organizations are in different places on the road to digital transformation. While some are struggling to get over the initial barriers between vision and execution, others further down the path face tough ongoing hurdles, like budgeting, talent struggles, and culture change. Let's explore expert advice for Ieaders, by leaders.

Digital transformation: How we took NoOps to the next level

cloud servers laptops connected
Dynatrace CTO Bernd Greifeneder explains how an evolution of the "no operations" approach is making life easier for engineers...

4 characters who can slow down your digital transformation – and how to deal with them

digital transformation characters
You're likely to encounter some of these characters on your digital transformation journey. Here's who to be on the...

Digital transformation: How emotionally intelligent leaders aid success

CIO as Digital Leader
Digital transformation success depends largely on a leader’s ability to motivate their team members. Here’s how to overcome three...

Digital transformation: 3 ways to ease the fear factor

cio role digital transformation
Change means embracing the unknown and that can be scary. Here are three actionable ways to ease the pain...

Digital transformation: 3 reality checks if you're stalled

digital transformation reality check
Many organizations have stalled or abandoned their digital transformation initiatives. Ask yourself: Are any of these 3 sticking points...

9 must-read technology books for 2020

must-read technology books 2020
Get a fresh perspective on core and emerging technologies - from AI to analytics - and the related leadership...

Digital transformation: How to strengthen results by nurturing Millennial talent

By putting Millennials in more strategic and leadership roles, you could advance IT innovation and digital transformation. Here are...

20 digital transformation leaders to follow on Twitter in 2020

Committed to digital transformation this year? Follow these people for perspective and emerging lessons

Digital transformation: 5 uncomfortable truths in 2020

Have big digital transformation plans for the year ahead? These obstacles may already be slowing your progress. Here's how...

Digital transformation: 9 ROI factors when upgrading legacy systems

digital transformation legacy ROI factors
If you are putting off IT modernization efforts due to complexity and cost, consider these ROI factors associated with...



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