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Digital transformation: 5 tricky ways technical debt holds you back

Digital transformation ROI
Surprise: Not all technical debt is bad debt for companies doing digital transformation work. But some can leave you...

Digital transformation: 3 takeaways from Constellation’s Connected Enterprise conference

digital transformation stall
With digital transformation and AI, are you running too fast? Which is more important – employee or customer experience?...

Digital transformation roundup: 5 articles to boost your efforts

Digital transformation is a poorly understood term. We answer some common questions and share updated resources to help you...

Change management: 3 habits of successful leaders

Who's the boss in your organization when it comes to change management? Your official org chart doesn't paint the...

When digital transformation stalls: 8 questions to ask

digital transformation stall
Don’t be intimidated by the much-debated failure rate of digital transformation: You may just be stalled. Ask these questions...

Digital transformation: 3 ways to manage change without exhausting everyone

Digital transformation can wear your team out. Are you paying enough attention to communication and celebration?

Change management: 5 steps IT leaders must take

crisis leadership
Change is never easy, but a process that includes these critical steps will give leaders the best shot at...

Why you’re managing digital transformation wrong: Think portfolios

Does your organization take a one-size-fits-all approach to managing digital transformation projects? Consider breaking your projects into three distinct...

Digital transformation: 3 change management mistakes to avoid

cio role digital transformation
The degree of change and the pace of change both pick up during a digital transformation. Don’t let these...

How to measure IT ROI in the digital era

IT ROI metrics used to focus on efficiencies; today they should speak to revenue and customer experience. Consider these...



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