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Today's organizations are in different places on the road to digital transformation. While some are struggling to get over the initial barriers between vision and execution, others further down the path face tough ongoing hurdles, like budgeting, talent struggles, and culture change. Let's explore expert advice for Ieaders, by leaders.

Value Stream Management: The good, bad, and ugly for Agile and DevOps leaders

Two employees playing tug of war with pie chart
Plenty of enterprises still struggle to know exactly what value is being derived from their software development efforts. Here's...

4 must-read digital transformation books for leaders

Books stacked up for reading
Successful digital transformation leaders focus on much more than technology. These books will broaden your understanding of the customer...

Digital transformation: 5 ways to balance creativity and productivity

Two employees playing tug of war with pie chart
Creativity and productivity shouldn't be opposing forces in your digital transformation efforts. Consider these tips to tap the power...

Digital transformation: 3 tips to counter change fatigue

digital transformation customer focus
Constant change and disruption can take a serious toll on employee motivation, causing fatigue, distrust, and burnout during digital...

Digital transformation: What CIOs have learned about culture in the last 9 months

digital transformation: two workers exchanging files through video chat
One lesson that has emerged in the pandemic: Organizations with the right culture and technology have quickly adapted when...

Digital transformation: 4 contrarian tips for measuring success

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up. digital transformation
A lack of strategic clarity, an output-based focus, and tracking too many digital touchpoints can lead your digital transformation...

Digital transformation: 9 emerging roles you need on your team

Digital transformation 2021
From customer experience experts to cloud security pros, these roles could make or break your digital transformation work. Which...

Digital transformation: 4 innovation lessons for CIOs

The pandemic has pushed disruptive trends into overdrive. Legacy organizations are vulnerable to disruption - but can use their...

Digital transformation: How to tell a compelling story that wins buy-in

digital transformation storytelling tips
Aligning your organization around digital transformation takes more than facts and figures. Here's how the power of storytelling can...

Digital transformation: 5 proven ways to get skeptics on board

digital transformation characters
Throughout this year, industries have had to completely change how they do business. To foster buy-in for large scale...



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