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14 tech predictions for 2021 and beyond

tech predictions 2021
IT and tech leaders look at the road ahead and predict what's next for remote work, AI, cybersecurity, and...

8 automation trends to watch in 2021

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots break
As organizations continue to battle pandemic-related change, automation usage is only expanding. Automation experts say IT leaders can watch...

5 open source Kubernetes projects to watch in 2021

kubernetes trends 2021
Open source projects make Kubernetes even more powerful. Check out these up-and-coming options that address pain points related to...

10 top Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends in 2021

AI artificial intelligence
For several reasons, the pandemic only sped up the adoption of AI in the enterprise. Here's what to watch...

DevOps careers: 35 key hiring stats from 2020

Infinity lines to illustrate the concept of DevOps
Looking to land a DevOps job – or hire for one? IT leaders looked for these top skills when...

5 Kubernetes predictions for 2021

kubernetes trends 2021
As Kubernetes enters a new phase of maturity at many enterprises, what’s next? Let's examine five automation issues that...

7 security trends to watch in 2021

security trends 2021
Tech trends come and go; security is an everlasting concern for enterprise IT. Here's what experts say should be...

5 ways cloud storage and data services enable the future of development in the AI age

Big Data and AI use cases
Expecting traditional storage and data constructs to deliver the portability, scale, and speed that cloud-native applications demand is sure...

Container adoption: 5 lessons on how to overcome barriers

Container adoption best practices
Is your organization ready to fully embrace containers? Consider these best practices to ease the transition as you adopt...

4 benefits of a Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

standard operating environment (SOE) benefits
Why are the principles of the Standard Operating Environment (SOE) even more relevant in the age of containers, Kubernetes,...



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