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IoT strategy: 3 examples show CIOs must think bigger than sensors

Internet of Things text with devices
Think the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about low-cost sensors grabbing data? Look further: Consider these three examples...

Digital transformation and edge computing: 7 ways they fit together

How digital transformation and edge fit together -Two employees analyzing data and reports
Digital transformation work depends heavily on data analysis. But to make fundamental changes, organizations must often make substantive shifts...

What is Mobile Edge Computing (MEC)?

what is mobile edge computing MEC
Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), also known as multi-access edge computing, is like the outermost edge: It's our ubiquitous mobile...

What Yogi Berra can teach us about hybrid cloud strategy

hybrid cloud explained
As Berra would say,"The future ain't what it used to be." 2020 certainly taught us to be nimble in...

How edge servers work

edge computing trends 2020
What's an edge server? How does it differ from traditional servers? What are the benefits? Edge, combined with hybrid...

5 approaches to cloud automation

cloud automation
How do you avoid the messy, painful business of manually provisioning and maintaining cloud resources - and keep an...

3 ways artificial intelligence (AI) can improve your customer experience

AI vs. NLP
From service to sales and support, here's how artificial intelligence tools can boost customer experience and position your organization...

6 Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interview questions for 2021

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) interview questions 2021
Preparing for an RPA job interview, as a candidate or hiring manager? Check out these RPA-related questions and guidance...

Digital transformation: 5 areas where Artificial Intelligence (AI) fits now

Rocket coming out of computer to represent moving faster in digital transformation
How can artificial intelligence help organizations solve digital transformation challenges? Consider these examples - from customer service to resource...

How to approach infrastructure automation

infrastructure automation - three fundamentals
You can argue that prior to containers, infrastructure automation was something of a band-aid. But today, IT can pursue...



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