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IT veterans vs. pricey new hires: How to mind the salary gap

Balancing high starting salaries for new graduates with those of IT veterans may feel challenging – but it doesn’t...

IT talent: 7 ways to attract and keep Gen X and Millennials

Harvard Business Review How to Keep Your Top Talent CIO
These two age groups will be an important part of IT teams for the foreseeable future. New Mercer data...

How to make mentoring part of your leadership culture

crisis leadership
Are you nurturing your organization’s next round of leaders? One CIO shares how mentorship impacted his career, and how...

IT jobs: 9 notable stats and trends

how to get an IT job during COVID-19
What's the current picture for job hunters and hiring managers? Challenging. Let's examine stats on hot skills, hiring remorse,...

What IT pros want from CIOs: Mutual respect

soft skills: relationship-building
Scott Youngs, CIO of Key Information Systems, shares his tips for retaining IT stars – including making sure people...

IT talent retention: Two essentials

Digital transformation personal brand
IT teams are highly technical and highly human: Pay attention to both elements or risk losing your best talent,...

When you have to make taxes exciting to IT talent

devops trends 2020
Sovos CTO John Landy has to get - and keep - employee attention in the work of tax compliance...

IT talent retention: Create multiple promotion paths

CVE explained
CIO Ian McClarty shares his advice on how to retain in-demand IT people including cybersecurity pros

How to retain talent: Sungard AS CIO's advice

virtual onboarding best practices
How does CIO Chris Fielding retain the rising stars on her IT team? She sets a positive, respectful, and...

How to retain IT stars: Make sure they feel appreciated

CIO Praising Progress
Rising IT stars need to be seen and heard, says Optima CIO Jason James. Here's his advice on highlighting...

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