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Agile project management: 4 lessons learned this year

agile retrospective
Eighteen years after the publishing of the Agile Manifesto, how do its principles hold up? Pretty well. But we’ve...

Digital transformation dream teams: 8 people you need

Digital transformation 2020
Successful digital transformation teams exhibit breadth across multiple disciplines – and depth in a few. But personalities matter, too...

10 leadership books to strengthen your skills in 2020

Check out these books for wisdom to help you lead with courage, compassion, and emotional intelligence in the year...

Remote teams: 5 ways to build culture

DevOps engineer interview questions 2020
As remote workgroups become more common, shorten the distance with these culture-building tips

Digital transformation success: 5 takeaways from MIT Sloan experts

digital transformation jeanne ross
Not all of us can be digital natives. A new book by Jeanne Ross shares digital transformation lessons from...

Emotional intelligence: 7 essential tips for leaders

A new year brings new opportunities – and plenty of unknowns. Use this advice to conquer fears, handle stressful...

CIO role: 8 tips to get along better with the CFO

cio cfo relationship
Do you feel like finance people are from Mars and IT people are from Venus? Here’s how IT leaders...

Agile teams: 5 signs of trouble

remote work security best practices
That small, self-organizing team may look agile, but is it actually delivering the benefits? Consider these warning signs that...

Digital transformation: 10 sneaky money-wasters

digital transformation spending
Digital transformation work remains at the top of IT leaders’ to-do lists. But there’s only so much funding. Are...

Digital transformation: 3 people pain points

digital transformation advice
Digital transformation challenges always boil down to people. Are you soothing skepticism, opening up communication, and setting realistic goals?



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