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Digital transformation: What CIOs are accelerating during the pandemic

how to set up a cicd pipeline
While many aspects of life remain on hold, many organizations are charging full steam ahead on digital transformation efforts...

Remote burnout: How to recognize when people disengage

remote security policy
As your employees adjust to remote work, you may notice signs of fatigue and burnout among some. Here’s how...

8 remote work lessons: Stay agile and expect surprises

how to lead remote teams
Are you suddenly managing a remote team? Set your team – and yourself – up for success with these...

LogMeIn CIO: How to onboard new hires during a pandemic

Automation fears
There's no playbook for hiring and onboarding during a pandemic. LogMeIn CIO Ian Pitt shares how his IT team's...

Navigating the crisis: My team's low-code win

John Lilleyman, CIO of STEMCELL Technologies, explains how his IT team built a key app in a day using...

Edge computing and AI: 7 things to know

edge computing trends 2020
How do edge computing and artificial intelligence (AI) work together? Why does edge fit well with AI? What are...

From office to remote leadership: How to adjust your approach

PTC CIO Abbas Faiq shares some of the concrete ways he ensures his teams feel supported while working remotely

Mindfulness: 5 exercises for IT leaders

emotional intelligence
These simple mindfulness exercises can help you and your team focus, stay balanced, and manage the challenges of the...

IT careers: How to job hunt during a pandemic

 IT career networking etiquette rules
For job hunters, strategies that worked before the pandemic may not today. Consider six job-search moves for these times

5 tips to help your team focus during the pandemic

In times of stress, the best leaders use emotional intelligence to inspire and motivate people. Consider this advice to...



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