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Digital transformation in a pandemic world: 4 questions to ask

digital transformation customer focus
COVID-19 has forced businesses of all sizes to reassess their digital transformation plans. Consider these key questions, IT leaders

Virtual events: 10 best practices and tips for speakers

virtual event speaker best practices and tips
Copying your old presentations for our new virtual world won't cut it. To connect with online audiences in meaningful...

Digital transformation: 3 hard truths

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up. digital transformation
The path to successful digital transformation is far from straightforward, especially in the age of COVID-19. Consider these three...

7 remote work sins – and what to do instead

Open laptop sits on tray surrounded by glasses, books, and coffee cup
How do your remote work habits rate? Check out this expert advice on routines, self-doubt, meeting cadence, and more

Unusual IT job interview questions: Let's talk sibling dynamics

how to get an IT job during COVID-19
Your IT job candidates likely started showing leadership and problem-solving skills on the family room floor. Ask about their...

10 essential soft skills for the remote work era

remote manager tips
How can you best support your colleagues and teams during this ongoing period of remote work? Prioritize and cultivate...

Collaboration tips: Why your team's personality types matter

Want to improve collaboration in the workplace? Consider different personality types and what motivates them

Be the boss working parents need now: 6 tips

Woman working at table with baby in lap
Working parents face unprecedented stress in the age of COVID-19. Consider this advice to help ease their burden

How to run virtual events: 6 best practices

how to run a virtual conference
Events will never be the same as pre-pandemic. Virtual event organizers share lessons learned and best practices for engaging...

Digital transformation: 3 IT leadership trends for the next normal

As we move toward a post-pandemic world, CIOs will play a key role in establishing a newly autonomous, more...



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