Chris Huff

Chris Huff
Vice President, Mobile & Consumer App Development
The Weather Channel

Chris Huff is the Vice President of mobile and consumer application development at The Weather Channel.

As vice president of mobile and consumer app development at The Weather Channel, he is responsible for all aspects of engineering and delivery of consumer applications on digital platforms, including smartphones, tablets, computers, wearables and emerging devices. The Weather Channel has the No. 2 all-time downloaded app on iPad and No. 7 all-time downloaded app on iPhone.

Prior to joining The Weather Channel, he worked at The Home Depot for 12 years, where he was most recently in charge of all online and mobile planning and product engineering. In previous roles there, he led numerous development teams, including International, SAP and Enterprise Services. He also worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers as an SAP consultant, and as a consultant in technology logistics for the Atlanta Committee for Olympic Games in 1996.

He holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a bachelor’s degree in marketing and logistics from The University of Georgia.

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