Darrell Rigby

Partner and Director, Bain & Company

Darrell Rigby leads Bain and Co’s Global Innovation and Agile practices and is the former head of their Global Retail practice.

Darrell joined Bain in 1978 and specializes in innovation and retail growth strategies. Over the past 42 years, he has worked with many of the world’s most successful companies.

A frequent speaker and writer on innovation and retail issues including agile innovation, BothBrain innovation®, omnichannel retailing, winning in turbulence, brand positioning and change management, he regularly speaks at management conferences and has made media appearances on CNBC, CNN Moneyline and Bloomberg. His research is widely published in the business pages of many U.S. and international publications, including The Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek and The Financial Times. He is also the author of Winning in Turbulence (2009).

Darrell holds an MBA from Harvard Business School with high distinction (Baker Scholar). He is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he received a B.S. in business management, summa cum laude. He is based in Boston.

He is the coauthor with Steve Berez and Sarah Elk of DOING AGILE RIGHT: Transformation Without Chaos.