Steve Berez

Partner, Bain & Company

Steve Berez is a Bain & Company partner. He is a founder of Bain’s Enterprise Technology practice and was most recently its Americas head.

He is also a senior leader in their Agile Innovation and Healthcare practices. 

Steve first joined Bain in 1980 and has been with the firm for nearly 30 years. Over the past decade, he has helped dozens of firms across industries and around the world improve the speed, agility, and effectiveness of their technology-based innovation.

Steve has driven agile transformations for industry leaders in health, P&C and life insurance; healthcare delivery; retail banking; consumer and industrial products; retail; transportation; and technology. He also has deep experience in technology strategy and operating model redesign, especially in the context of digital strategy and innovation; software engineering and product management; architecture transformation and complexity reduction, including cloud adoption and core systems modernization; and technology-enabled growth strategy.

Steve’s recent articles include “Agile Is Not Enough” (Sloan Management Review), “It’s Time to Rethink the IT Talent Model” (Sloan Management Review), “How Agile Is Powering Healthcare Innovation” (In Vivo), “How to Plan and Budget for Agile at Scale” ( and “Four Myths of Digital Transformation: What Only 8% of Companies Know” (

Steve received an MBA from Stanford University, where he was named a Miller Scholar. He also earned a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received MIT’s highest award, the Compton Prize. He has agile certifications in Scrum and SAFe. He is based in Boston.

He is the coauthor with Darrell Rigby and Sarah Elk of DOING AGILE RIGHT: Transformation Without Chaos.