Raju Vegesna

Chief Evangelist, Zoho

As Chief Evangelist at Zoho, Raju Vegesna plays a leading role in presenting Zoho's message to the business market worldwide. He has been with Zoho nearly 20 years, and in that time he's seen the company grow from being a few-app SaaS vendor to a global technology company, providing more and 45 applications as part of a deep tech stack, built entirely in-house.

As a longtime privacy advocate, Vegesna has spearheaded the company's many initiatives and industry-leading policies, most recently removing all third-party trackers from every Zoho product. While deeply knowledgeable about technology and critical to the engineering and marketing process of each new app or service, Vegesna is also heavily invested in the culture, supporting and initiating programs that not only benefit Zoho's more than 7,000 employees but also communities in which they live.