3 ways to help your team recover from disruption

Swarm intelligence – the way in which decentralized self-organized organisms behave – is one of the reasons why humans are successful at recovering from disruption. It’s been more than a year of learning to adapt when things don’t go well through this pandemic. And we’re still not in the clear. With many unknowns on the horizon, IT leaders need techniques to help their teams stay adaptable and prepare for more change to come. The author of this HBR article, Sayra Cristancho, conducted in-depth interviews with members of action teams, including emergency response teams, police SWAT teams, and others. “Through training, these teams have developed an instinct for interchangeability that makes them very effective at collective self-healing,” writes Cristancho. Read this article to discover the three techniques that lead to self-healing and adaption, and learn how you can help your team recover from disruptions.


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