• Win the IT Talent War

    #newrules4thecio, cio, enterprisers
    Although general unemployment rates remain stubbornly high, the picture changes considerably when you look at the market for IT...
  • Succeeding through Succession

    #312weekCIO, cio, enterprisers
    70% of CEOs go outside their company replace CIOs. Are CEOs are over-reaching in their desire to handpick heads of IT? Or are CIOs not doing a good job of succession planning?
  • HBR
  • “R” is the new “I”: Meet the Chief Relationship Officer

    At the recent CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony in Colorado Springs, we spent a good deal of time discussing the role of the CIO in enterprise organizations. Nearly everyone we spoke to agreed the requirements for CIOs are expanding, transforming and encompassing much more than simply Information Technology.
  • Scale Down to Think Big

    New rules for the CIO
    GE’s Jack Welch often said if a large company is going to survive in a competitive world, it needs to start learning how to think and act like a small one. Today’s world is hypercompetitive and start-ups are reinventing the marketplace on what seems to be a weekly basis.
  • Catching Lightning

    CIO to do list
    If innovation is to be stimulated and its output exploited in your IT organization, and company at large, a process is essential to capture, analyze, select and implement the best ideas out there.
  • You Can’t Think Big Enough

    312 CIO
    You’re a CIO, not a business strategist. Right? Increasingly, the answer to that question is well—not so fast. If IT is enabling just about every aspect of the business, then why not enable the strategy of the business as well?


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