5 IT experts weigh in on using software to your competitive advantage

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CIO Roundtable

To be successful in the digital economy, organizations must identify ways to use software to their competitive advantage. Whether you're opening new markets, using it to improve customer outcomes, or to save time and money, software may be what separates the winners and the losers in the digital age.

We spoke with five leading IT executives to find out how they are evolving their organizations to be more software-centric – their remarks are available for download below. The conversation features remarks from:

  • Jay Ferro, CIO, American Cancer Society 
  • Bryson Koehler, Chief Information and Technology Officer, The Weather Company
  • John Marcante, CIO and Managing Director of Vanguard's IT Division, Vanguard
  • Tom Soderstrom, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Office of the CIO, Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
  • Cliff Tamplin, consultant and former Vice President of Technology Support and Risk Management for Hyatt Hotels Corporation.

In this roundtable, you will:

  • Learn seven ways to help your company become more software focused.
  • Find out the approach The Weather Company took to go from being a media company to a software company. You'll also learn why open source software is the “critical foundational component” of The Weather Company.
  • Learn the three key steps Vanguard has taken to become more software-centric, and how you can begin to do all three at your own organization.
  • Discover why software really is mission critical at Jet Propulsion Laboratory, including some mind-blowing background on the development deadlines JPL faces when it launches a spacecraft like Curiosity.
  • Learn how the American Cancer Society is using a set of APIs to create new software that is opening up new corporate and cause-branding partnership discussions.

Download the CIO roundtable, “Software: The true competitive differentiator” to learn more.


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