How to overcome your fear of the unknown

Uncertainty is nerve-wracking for most of us. But uncertainty leaves the door open to possibility. Your biggest personal transformations or achievements likely evolved during a period of uncertainty. Pushing through that stress to improve on the other side is a huge accomplishment. Don’t let uncertainty paralyze you. 

The authors of this article studied innovators and changemakers who showed resilience and found opportunity within ambiguity and have identified four principles that can help. (1) Reframe your situation by focusing on the potential upside. (2) Prime yourself by taking small risks and reducing uncertainty in other areas of your life. (3) Take a series of modest actions instead of making bet-the-farm moves. And (4) sustain yourself by recasting setbacks and focusing on things that have true meaning. Read this report to get excellent advice for transforming your relationship with change (and inspire others to do the same).


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