Before saying “yes” to a job, consider company culture

What’s one of the most important aspects to consider before jumping into a new role? The culture of the workplace. Whether you’re entering the job market for the first time or you’re shifting into a new career or position, make sure you get a feel for company culture before you make the jump. How does the organization collaborate, communicate and interact? Is the work environment inclusive, flexible, and innovative? These are the questions you want to keep in mind during the interview process to determine if the culture is the right fit for you. One good measurement is how the company has evolved since the pandemic. How did they handle the shift to hybrid work? And how have they recovered from the massive disruption in general? Read this report to determine the best questions to ask to uncover what the company culture is like. Once the interview process is complete and you’re considering saying “yes” to a new job, you want to be confident in your next move.


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