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7 ways to redefine work-life balance during the pandemic

how to build a disaster recovery plan
Many of us will continue to work at home, simultaneously juggling multiple roles, for some time to come during...

8 remote work problems – and how to fix them

Man in blue chair works at computer next to white bike
Remote work will be the reality for many of us for the forseeable future. Let's be thankful for the...

Digital transformation: It takes a village

digital transformation characters
Organizational buy-in is a key part of successful digital transformation. Here's how to tap the talent and perspective of...

Why IT operations needs new metrics

IT metrics
At a time when CIOs can use cloud infrastructure to turn on new money-making services for customers overnight, how...

The missing link in many data science projects: Decision intelligence

data science
Doubling down on data will not improve your business decisions. Decision intelligence can help bridge the gap between data...

IT careers: 8 words and phrases to stop using on your resume

it jobs 2020
Are you a jack of all trades or a quick learner? Watch out: A job hunter's resume needs to...

Digital transformation: 7 ways Agile and DevOps can help

agile digital transformation
Digital transformation work often requires teams to manage conflicting challenges – a dilemma familiar to software developers. Here's how...

Change management in a pandemic: 3 steps to success

Woman sits at desk looking at bar graph of data from the cloud
In the age of COVID-19, the ability to adapt and implement change quickly is essential. Leaders need to do...

How to explain machine learning in plain English

machine learning explained
What is machine learning? What is ML vs. AI? What data problems could ML solve for your organization? How...

How to get a new IT job in 2021: 8 ways to prepare

How to get a new IT job
If you're job hunting now or preparing to make a move, consider this expert advice from CIOs and recruiting...



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