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How leaders can support working parents: 5 tips

Arm in black sleeve holds umbrella above three people wearing blue
Working parents face extraordinary challenges these days. To send a powerful message that you care about and support them,...

How to build a disaster recovery plan: 7 tips

how to build a disaster recovery plan
When the unexpected happens, will your critical systems be prepared? Here's what to consider while building a disaster recovery...

Fighting burnout: Start with a well-planned week

Man with laptop sits with clock face and sticky notes in background
Ruthless planning on Sunday sets me up to prevent burnout for the rest of the week. Consider these three...

4 realities of hybrid working that CIOs must address

Man and woman run up stairs holding blue arrow going up
From meeting dynamics to merging toolsets, these issues demand attention now that we are through the first months of...

How emotionally intelligent leaders handle 6 difficult situations during the pandemic

From Groundhog Day syndrome to change resistance, this pandemic is testing us all. Here's how leaders can use emotional...

How to make the case to WFH long term: 7 tips

kids tech projects
The ability to work from home has been a silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic for some people, including...

Celebrating The Enterprisers Project's seventh anniversary

Computer and phone with Enterprisers Project logo
As we mark our anniversary, you can count on The Enterprisers Project to document the lessons for the next...

Take the 2020 reader survey

Reader Survey
Help us better understand what works, what doesn't, and what you would like to see more of in the...

Communication tips: How to harness the power of pause

presentation mistakes
Pausing is not as easy as it sounds. But well-chosen pauses will pay off in making your conversations productive...

Curiosity: Why leaders should make this the new word in hiring

curiosity and hiring
Curiosity helps organizations innovate: So why don’t more leaders model it – and hire for it? As we reimagine...



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