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IT skills: Why communication is key in 2021

creative thinking
In times of great change, strong communication skills are essential. Here's why – and how to develop them

6 IT skills to focus on in 2021, from Michigan CIO of the Year winners

IT career - automation skills wanted
Which IT skills do CIOs say will be in high demand this year? Think cloud, cybersecurity, and communication, for...

IT skills 2021: Adaptability tops the most-wanted list

remote work lessons learned
The challenges organizations faced in 2020 sharpened the focus on the importance of soft skills like adaptability. If you...

8 powerful phrases of emotionally intelligent leaders

powerful phrases of emotionally intelligent leaders
Practice emotional intelligence by incorporating these simple, powerful phrases into your leadership vocabulary

Remote hiring: 3 tips to recruit and retain top engineers

it jobs 2021
The pandemic has upended traditional recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. Here's how to build a successful engineering team

IT careers 2021: Automation skills wanted

IT career - automation skills wanted
Looking to land a new IT job this year? Focus on automation, AI, and soft skills to further your...

IT careers: 4 tips to get a new job in 2021

interview tips for hiring managers
The current push to accelerate digital transformation and improve remote work is good news for your IT career path...

Digital transformation: In-demand skills for 2021

it jobs 2021
If you're looking for a new career opportunity to enable digital transformation, consider this advice on skills and interviews...

How to get an IT job in 2021: 7 essential tips

it jobs 2021
Ready to take a new step in your IT career? In 2021, interviews present some special challenges. Consider this...

Remote hiring: 3 key interview questions to ask candidates

curiosity and hiring
Remote work brings new challenges to the hiring process. These interview questions can help you gain insight into a...



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