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Today's organizations are in different places on the road to digital transformation. While some are struggling to get over the initial barriers between vision and execution, others further down the path face tough ongoing hurdles, like budgeting, talent struggles, and culture change. Let's explore expert advice for Ieaders, by leaders.

Digital transformation: 10 counterintuitive tips

CIO digital transformation
No two digital transformations look alike - so why do so many organizations try to follow the same rules?...

Digital transformation strategy: 7 key pieces

Give your digital transformation efforts the best chance to succeed by building a strong strategy. CIOs and other experts...

What is transformational leadership? 5 qualities

open source implementation
Transformational leadership is not primarily about digital tools; it’s about leading change. Focus on these five areas to become...

Why digital transformations fail: 3 steps you can't skip

Why do 70 percent of all transformations fail? Successful transformation requires three specific steps – and too many leaders...

10 ways DevOps helps digital transformation

DevOps plays an essential role in digital transformation - from identifying patterns to uncovering new revenue streams. In fact,...

5 underappreciated skills for leading digital transformation

cio role digital transformation
Let's talk about the power of a well-placed question – and other underrated skills for leaders doing digital transformation...

Why people love to hate "digital transformation"

In some organizations, "digital transformation" has become the ultimate set of dirty words. It makes some leaders cringe and...

Why master data management is key to digital transformation

CIO Data Quants
Digital transformation requires that all of your systems communicate. How can they possibly communicate if they can’t speak the...

Rate your digital maturity against 7 eye-opening stats

CIO Data Quants
What kind of time, money, teams, and talent do you need to succeed with digital transformation? New Deloitte research...

How to future-proof your workforce for the digital era

crisis leadership
Forward-thinking companies are upskilling the existing workforce while inspiring new digital talent to join. Let's explore their techniques



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